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Hi Folks

For all those musicians out there learning their scales, it can be a challenge to work out which minor scale is related to the Major scale.

There are 2 ways to relate them.  You can relate them by starting pitch, so G Major and G minor for example.  This has the same starting note but totally different key signatures.  The other way is to relate them by Key Signature, which makes them more useful when you are woring out what key the piece is in you are trying to play.

Lets take C Major wich has a key signature of 0 Sharps and 0 flats.  To work out the relative Minor, count up 6 notes ( including the Root) and you end up on A.  This is the Relative Natural Minor.  So Starting on A play up to the next A and maintain the key of 0 Sharps and Flats.  This gives you A natural minor.

To make this the harmonic minor, raise the 7th note of this new scale by a semitone or half step (G becomes G#) both up and down the scale.

To take it to the next level and play the melodic minor, raise both the 6th and 7th by a semitone /half step (F becomes F# and G becomes G#) on the way up, but revert back to the natural minor scale on the way down.

So in four easy stages you have played the Major scale and 3 versions of the Minor scale.


Attached is a PDF showing how this works.  Please feel free to download and share.

I hope you found this useful.

Happy Tooting.



Scales – Major to Minor

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2 points that need updating:

point 1: 11 out of a maximum 15 spaces have been booked already-yehaa!!!!

point 2: Nick Hislam has agreed to travel all the way from Wales to lead the Improvisation session and help with the rest of the day as well.

Nick has run the improvisation class for the last 8 or 9 years, and is my go to guy for this. He is a great saxophonist with a tone to die for, and a teaching style that everyone understands.

So if you have been procrastinating or even just thinking about whether you should book a place on the workshop, here is another reason to just book it now.

You know its the right thing to do!

thanks for looking.


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If you like a Rolls Royce then this is an event you shouldn’t have missed.

Yesterday at Burghley House, saw the biggest collection of Rolls Royce’s in one place. They came from all over the world and in all shapes and sizes.

In the evening, the owners clubs held a Dinner and Dance at the Peterborough Holiday Inn, with entertainment from the Uppingham Jazz and Soul Band.

we hit them with songs like, American Patrol and In the Mood, through to Mercy, Mercy, Mercy and Moondance.

They where a lively crowd and the dance floor was full for most of the night and we received some lovely feedback from the club members as we packed away.

An evening of fun was certainly had by both the Club members and the Band.

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Hi Folks
Its time for the Easter StaxofSax Saxophone workshop 2017.
Please see the leaflet for details of the date and venue and contact details.
We will also be continuing with the format that we had at Christmas, with Large ensemble in the morning and Jazz OR small ensemble in the afternoon. Its your choice as to which you do after lunch, just let me know your preference.
Could I ask that everyone forwards this post on so that we can get in touch with as many Saxophonists as possible please.
We have 30 spaces to fill and would love to see a full hall.
Many thanks
Dave and Chris

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Just an update for those procrastinators amongst you.,  We have 22 places booked on this workshop and that leaves only another 8 available, and they are going fast now as people finalise their plans for Christmas.

If you would like to join us for a fun day of after Christmas music making in Leicester then please let me know.

email is

Telephone is 07736 471861

I have attached the flyer with the full details for you to look at and please share to any sax playing buddies and teachers.





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