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Last Thursday my car was having a service, so the only place I could busk was in my home town of Wigston.  Wigston is quite small, still referred to by the locals as the village.   I have never busked here because I always thought it would be to small to be worth while.

My first choice of pitch had been taken by an accordion player and my second was being used by the local council, so I went to a small arcade to try my luck.

Half way through the first number and people had already donated, the managers from 2 shops came out at the same time, I expected to be moved on but was very pleasantly surprised when they both asked me for a business card as they had events that needed some entertainment.  One of them even offered to make me a cuppa.

Well the day just got better and better, with offers of tea from 2 other shops, a five pound note in the donations, enquiries about 5 gigs and requests from the shop keepers to come back tomorrow.  (Couldn’t go as I had to work)

I realised that I had also set up next to the main bus stop, so every half an hour there was a captive audience for 15 minutes.  1 lady asked me to play happy birthday for a friend of hers in the queue.

At the end of 2 and a half hours I packed up, but promised the shop keepers that I would be back this week allowing for the weather.

The final smile of the day came when I counted up the donations, to find that I had made more than even playing in Leicester city centre at Christmas.

It just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

Thanks Wigston see you soon


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