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just had a phone call asking if I was available to play at a 50th wedding anniversary on the 12th of July. I checked the diary and said yes, I am free, whereabouts is the gig?  We heard you play last year on the Isle of Wight when you were busking and we took one of your leaflets. We live in Portsmouth and wondered if you could play for the party?

i explained that I live in Leicester and that its a bit far, which the gentleman agreed and we ended the call.  I then told my wife and said I don’t like to let people down, so her reply was maybe we could make a weekend of it.

so I rang the chap back and got some more details, so it looks like we are going to Portsmouth for a weekend in July, with a bit of a garden party to play at in the middle of it.

sounds like a plan to me.


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