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Today started off with a normal workload of lessons and residential homes to play at and a swing band gig at the weekend.

But then things started to go a little bit astray.

First one lesson had to cancel due to ill health, then another cancelled due to work patterns changing. This was followed with my car breaking down and the garage not being able to look at it until Thursday. This meant I had to cancel a saxophone quartet rehearsal and the residential home as I have no transport! O boy this is becoming an odd week.

However the sun has come out again as I have taken 2 wedding bookings for next year and I am talking to a potentially new clarinet student looking to start lessons and I have also gained some extra practice time as I have 13 new songs to learn for upcoming weddings and events.

I hope that you are all having a good week and I hope that your day pans out as well as mine

Best wishes



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