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Yesterday morning was spent in Wellingborough at Beck Studio recording the sax part for a new song. The song is called Daddy’s little girl and is written by Billy Joe Cummings, a song writer from the States, who splits his time between The Midlands and America.

Bill contacted me after a Google search for Sax players and asked me if fancied playing.  I jumped at the chance as I don’t have a large amount or recording experience but is something that I want to gain. I am also looking for a studio to record some stuff for myself, so this was an opportunity to check out the studio.

I met Bill and Dave, the owner and sound engineer for Beck Studio, and after a chat, a cuppa and a warm up, we got down to it. As there was only one song and the other musicians had already done their bit, it took us about an hour to record and to add some extras so that Dave can work his magic in the final mix.

It was a very enjoyable and enlightening morning, and as Bill and Dave have both asked me if would like to do some more tracks with them, I dont think I did too bad.

I did speak to Dave and I hope to be booking a session to get some of my tracks recorded very soon.


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Today was my first time in a recording studio and what a good day it was.  Cabin recording was recommended to me by Taz from Cafe saxophone forum.

The studio is owned and run by Dom Price and is based in the lovely town of Statford upon Avon.   Fully equipped with top quality mics and recording equipment.

Dom is very helpful and professional and I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Dom and his studio to anyone looking to record their music for posterity.

Dom can be contacted by email

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