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This is not a resolution, but a short term goal. If you have read my New Year message post, you will see that I suggested instead of a resolution which gets forgotten and broken very quickly, why not have short term achievable goals. Once you have completed one, then you can start another, thereby making more progress over the year.
I said that my first one is to master my scales over the whole range of the saxophone. I started today with my major scales at crochet = 120bpm. This is so that I don’t rush and sort out what fingering options I decide are best. Once I can do this comfortably, then I will increase the tempo.
So that’s day 1 completed and I am still on track.

Let me know what you have opted for and how you are getting on.
By sharing your goals you will be more inclined to stick with it and succeed.
Good luck and see you soon


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