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Dean and Joy found me through this website, which is nice to know ¬†that all my wife’s hard work updating it and making it look more professional is paying off.

The wedding reception was held at the Kegworth hotel just off junction 24 of the M1.

Its a very nice hotel with very friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere.

My first session was in the bar for and hour just with some mellow background music while the guests had a drink and got to know each other/

We then all moved into the main room which is nice and spacious and can easily seat 120 without feeling overcrowded. I played until about 9pm with a break while the bride and groom cut the cake.  Once I finished the disco took over, it as great to see the groom and his make friends hit the dance floor to perform a routine to the song Cotton Eye Joe, I have a strong feeling that the bride did not know about this item? but it certainly looked good fun.


Thanks for inviting me to join you for your wedding Dean and Joy and best wishes for the future together.






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