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Here’s a little something for the weekend.

Blues scales are a good way to start improvising. Based on the Major scale, the Blues Scale is made up of:
Flattened 3rd
Flattened 5th
Flattened 7th
So following this formula, you can work out all the blues scales if you know the Major scales.

The attached sheet gives you the Blues scales up to 5 flats and 6 sharps, so there are still 3 to work out for yourselves.
Don’t try to enharmonically transpose them, because composers don’t!

At the end of each scale on the sheet is a phrase for you to learn. However, that phrase is only in 1 key. As you can see, I have numbered the first phrase so that you can easily try that phrase in different keys by using the same numbers.

Ideally, you should play the scale over the whole range if the instrument and also play the modes too. This will give you more ammunition for improvising.

Let me know how you get on.

Have a good weekend

DaveBlues Scales


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Corinthians Jazz Night

Tonight is the Cowes Corinthians Jazz Night and I am playing from 7pm to 9pm.

Its a new venue for me and I am looking forward to a fun evening and listening to 2nd Time around after I have finished.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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Hi Folks
Its time for the Easter StaxofSax Saxophone workshop 2017.
Please see the leaflet for details of the date and venue and contact details.
We will also be continuing with the format that we had at Christmas, with Large ensemble in the morning and Jazz OR small ensemble in the afternoon. Its your choice as to which you do after lunch, just let me know your preference.
Could I ask that everyone forwards this post on so that we can get in touch with as many Saxophonists as possible please.
We have 30 spaces to fill and would love to see a full hall.
Many thanks
Dave and Chris

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Just an update for those procrastinators amongst you.,  We have 22 places booked on this workshop and that leaves only another 8 available, and they are going fast now as people finalise their plans for Christmas.

If you would like to join us for a fun day of after Christmas music making in Leicester then please let me know.

email is

Telephone is 07736 471861

I have attached the flyer with the full details for you to look at and please share to any sax playing buddies and teachers.





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Hi Folks
Who is up for a days saxophonistic activity?? we have 7 dedicated players already booked for our next workshop. The date is set for the 10th of April at the South Leicester Salvation Army in South Wigston. This is an excellent facility with great acoustics, a free car park and an on site cafe.
We will cover both large ensemble playing and jazz improvisation.
The cost of the day is £30 per player.
If you would like to book a place for yourself then either message me or email at

I look forward to seeing you there.


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22 sax players of all shapes and sizes, from curved and straight Sopranos right down to our very first Bass sax had a great day of making music yesterday.

We should have 26, which would have been our biggest event yet, but the seasonal plagues took their toll on four players. Hopefully they will be able to join us on the next one.

If you check out our Staxofsax Saxophone workshop page you will find that one of our regular attendees, Mandy, has posted some recordings, including the initial playing of ‘Lady Marmalade and the final playing of the arrangement.

Have a listen to the improvisation recording and bear in mind that at least for of the players had never improvised before.  So well done to them.

An extra thank you should go to Mandy for bringing along enough cupcakes with saxophone decorations on for everyone to enjoy with their lunch.

Keep an eye out for the next event which will hopefully be at easter.


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I Think this must be the summer for Garden Parties as I have taken bookings for 2 in 2 weeks.  I love this type of gig as they are nice and relaxed and I get to meet some really nice people into the bargain.  Its not a bad way at all to make a living is it.


In 2012 I was asked to play at a charity concert to raise much needed funds for the Alzheimer’s charity. The concert was organised by  a gentleman I met whilst busking, and he puts these events on every 2 years.

He rang yesterday and asked me to play again, this time to raise money for Prostate Cancer funds.  I of course, agreed to join in the fun and play a few tunes.   So if you are around the Braunstone Working mens club in Leicester on Saturday the 8th November at 8pm, why not come and say hi and help raise some money for a very worthwhile cause.


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Wednesday afternoon saw me driving to the Belfry Hotel, part of the Belfry Golf resort near Sutton Coldfield.  This is a very swish venue with a Hotel, Conference Suite, Spa and 3 Golf courses.

The event was a pre-conference  drinks and dinner for a large nationwide law firm and they certainly picked a lovely day for it.

Music started at 6.30pm  in the bar for drinks and gathering before moving into the Woodlands Suite for a very nice 3 course meal.  Tunes ranged from Jazz standards, Michael Buble, The Beatles, Glen Miller, Van Morrison and lots of others.Woodlands Suite, The Belfry Hotel

I had a good chat with a very nice gentleman who played sax who was going to be playing at a friends party and just wanted some advice on tunes.

I finished playing at 9.15pm and handed over to the guest speaker and the rest of the evenings activities.

There were lots of positive comments and I have since received an enquiry about another event.


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I had a very enjoyable evening last night, playing for Samantha and Luke’s wedding reception.  They chose a very nice restaurant called the Grey Goose at Gilmorton to host the event.

I played for a couple of hours in between the Wedding Breakfast and the evening disco.  The Bride and Groom had asked for a jazz flavour to the music and a special request from Luke for some Chet Baker tunes.  So, My Funny Valentine, Autumn leaves and Somewhere over the Rainbow amongst other songs covered those requests.

Thank you to everyone for their very kind comments regarding the music, I am glad that you enjoyed it. Image

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Jamaica Farewell

Martin, Neil, Spencer, Sharon and Paul playing Jamaica Farewell in the jazz session

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