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Last Saturdays weather forecast was miserable here in Leicester, but with a Garden party to play at the car was packed and ready to go.

On Arrival the rain had stopped but it was too damp to hold the party outside so I was asked to play on the landing so that the music wasn’t too loud for the guests.

I haven’t played on a landing before, but I could see the sense in the request so  upstairs I went.  Whilst setting up I was joined by 3 of the young Grandchildren who wanted to know when the music was starting, and once it did they spent the next hour dancing.  That made me smile.  A quick chorus of happy birthday for the lady of the house got everyone singing

By now the sun had come out, so we all moved outside for the rest of the afternoon.  I was asked to join the family for a chat and a cuppa and a very nice slice of homemade strawberry and cream birthday cake, which went down very well.

A very enjoyable afternoon indeed.






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