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I have been busy over the last few weeks working on some new tunes.  I am pleased to say that my repertoire now includes:

All of Me

All the Things You Are

Summertime Blues

Begin the Beguine and

Thinking Out Loud.

There are more tunes being work on, but if you have any suggestions, then please let me know.

Best wishes



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Last weekend I happened to be busking in Oadby and Wigston and this weekend in Market Harborough.  The sign of a successful busking in session is not necessarily the amount of donations in the hat, though, that of course helps, but by how many business cards and leaflets have been taken.

Oadby was very windy last week and early on my leaflet board was blown across the street. However two very kind young ladies brought them back for me whilst I was still playing (the show must go on!).  I am so glad that they did as most of them were picked up during the morning by passers by. One lady is the mother of a bride to be who has wrang and booked me to play at here wedding in August at Keythorpe Manor in Leicestershire, a very nice place to get married in deed.

Quite a few leaflets where also taken in Market Harborough yesterday. Today, I received another call from a gentleman who has booked me as a surprise for his Bride at their wedding in June, I wont say where the venue is, just in case she finds out accidentally.

If you are looking for background music to entertain your guests at your wedding or party, then please get in contact

Best wishes


to see if I can help.

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Hi Folks

first of all just a short update on what has been happening in my world over the last few weeks.

The site has been very quiet recently due to me being busy with gigs, rehearsals, students taking their grades etc so my apologies for the lack of articles and pics.

I am on holiday at the moment, in the glorious Isle of Wight, so this is a good opportunity to do some catching up.

This is the view from my window as I type.  Lots of articles to follow over the next couple of days, so please keep an eye out for them.

Best wishes



View from our front garden, Ventnor.

View from our front garden, Ventnor.

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A busy week is heading my way. Friday is the first of 2 weddings, this is at the Manor House Hotel in Moreton in Marsh.  Saturday is the second of the weddings, this one is at All Saints Church in Wigston, followed by the reception at Botcheston golf club.

Sunday is 3 hours of teaching. Monday is teaching and, if the weather allows some busking. Tuesday is the last day at 2 schools plus private lessons

.Wednesday is private lessons and some more busking, Thursday is private teaching plus my own lesson and a gig at a retirement home in Blaby. Friday and Saturday is more private lessons and a garden party to finish the week off.

Lets hope the lip doesn’t drop off before next Saturday!

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I went busking today and during a quick break, I was asked by 2 ladies, if I would play in a local residential home.  I said that I would and asked when they had in mind.’Now’ was their reply, so I did.
I played for about 40 minutes, tunes like ‘Blue moon’ ‘Stranger on the Shore’ and ‘Beyond the sea’.  A few residents got up and danced, some sang and some clapped, but everyone said that they enjoyed it.  The manager has asked to go back again to entertain the residents.

I will definitely be going back as it was one of the most rewarding gigs I have played at in a long time and I thoroughly enjoyed my self too.

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Further to the earlier post regarding busking in Wigston,  I went to see someone yesterday regarding playing at their wedding next July, and they have very kindly asked me to help them celebrate their marriage.

This came from one of the enquiries in Wigston.

Life is good!

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Last Thursday my car was having a service, so the only place I could busk was in my home town of Wigston.  Wigston is quite small, still referred to by the locals as the village.   I have never busked here because I always thought it would be to small to be worth while.

My first choice of pitch had been taken by an accordion player and my second was being used by the local council, so I went to a small arcade to try my luck.

Half way through the first number and people had already donated, the managers from 2 shops came out at the same time, I expected to be moved on but was very pleasantly surprised when they both asked me for a business card as they had events that needed some entertainment.  One of them even offered to make me a cuppa.

Well the day just got better and better, with offers of tea from 2 other shops, a five pound note in the donations, enquiries about 5 gigs and requests from the shop keepers to come back tomorrow.  (Couldn’t go as I had to work)

I realised that I had also set up next to the main bus stop, so every half an hour there was a captive audience for 15 minutes.  1 lady asked me to play happy birthday for a friend of hers in the queue.

At the end of 2 and a half hours I packed up, but promised the shop keepers that I would be back this week allowing for the weather.

The final smile of the day came when I counted up the donations, to find that I had made more than even playing in Leicester city centre at Christmas.

It just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

Thanks Wigston see you soon

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As you probably know if you have read my blog that I am a busker. Well one of the problems that buskers face is finding out if they need a licence for a particular town.
I am going to start a list of towns with licence details and the date that it was added to the list.

Leicester (city Centre)-no licence needed (2/4/12)
Market Harborough -no licence needed(2/4/12)
Northampton- no licence needed (at the moment, but it may be changing)(2/4/12)
Rugby- a licence is needed (2/4/12)

Wigston-no Licence (28/08/12

The Isle of Wight is a licence free zone too. (28/08/12)

If you have knowledge of any other towns please let me know and I will add them to the list.

The information is correct on the date it was added, but you may want to check with the local council incase anything has changed since.

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65th Birthday Gig

I have just got back from playing at a 65th birthday party. The gig came about from speaking to someone whilst busking.

This is the first time that I have been the entertainment for something like this, and it was good fun.

The family and guests where great, very appreciative and friendly. With nearly 4 hours of playing my lip is feeling slightly tender but will be back to normal tomorrow. There is a possibility of some other gigs arising from today, but now its time to start getting the Christmas busking tunes together ready to hit the streets.

The best bit about today was that it was a paid gig and it was really enjoyable.



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