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The bookings for the saxophone work shop are filling up quickly. We have 4 spaces left, so if you where thinking of joining us, now would be a good to to confirm and bag one of those 4 spaces.

The music is being chosen and will be sent out to participants when it is ready, so that you can have a good look at it in your practice sessions.

For those that aren’t aware of what is going on, I have attached the details here to help. We are open to any player with 18 months experience and we are going to working on large ensemble playing through out the day. Loads of fun and support for everyone and well worth joining us for a day of music making.

Hope to see you there



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The 14th workshop at Leicester was another successful days playing.  The large ensemble piece was Michael Buble version of feeling good.  Now this provided everyone with a challenge as the tempo is very slow to start with and this can be as difficult as a fast piece.

The small groups worked on ‘Fever’, 4 Gershwin tunes and ‘When Sunny gets Blue’. good performances put in by all three groups.

The improvisation session included the tunes, Jamaica farewell, Canteloupe Island and Watermelon man. We looked at maintaining your place within the tune as you improvise and how to make your solos more interesting to the audience. 

The day finished with some pretty impressive jazz playing by the 3 groups, well done everyone.


We will announce our next day as soon as we can.  Hope to see you on the next one folks



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Jamaica Farewell

Martin, Neil, Spencer, Sharon and Paul playing Jamaica Farewell in the jazz session

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We are pleased to announce the next workshop to take place in Leicester is on Friday the 8th June.

 We will be using the Leicester South Salvation Army Hall as usual and the day will run along similar lines to the last event.  We will have a large ensemble session, small quartet/quintet session and the afternoon will be devoted to the improvisation session.  

This session is probably aimed at the beginner/intermediate improvisor rather than the advanced.  Also this time we will have players stay on in their small groups rather than one large group.  This means everyone gets more chances at soloing and we get to explore more tunes.

The day will run from 10am to 3pm and the cost of a ticket is £30.00 per person. If you aren interested on joining us or would like more info then please contact me here or at and I will answer all of your questions.

Hope to see some of you soon





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The 20th of April was a lovely sunny day and a great day for getting together with other saxophonists and making music.

We had 15 delegates including 4 new ones and our first mum and daughter team (we have got a regular father and son team) and a good time was had by one and all.

We started with when will I see you again arranged by Chris for large ensemble. This has some lovely chords in it and right from the beginning the sound was full and good.

The first small group session included things like New York New York and Do You Wanna Dance with some good demonstrations at the end of the hour.

After lunch (Chris handed the lunch list in this time, so everyone got fed on time!) the second small group session had tunes including Theme from the Godfather and Funk Four, yet again all arranged by Chris.

For our finale we played Uptown Girl and considering we only had 30 mins a very good effort was made by one and all.

The day is not just about playing the pieces, but learning to work as a team, playing in context with other musicians, and making decisions such as how do I get around this part that is giving me trouble or am I in tune with everyone else. Playing is a lot easier on your own in your bedroom, but having to match up with other players adds a whole new dimension to making music.

Chris and I move around the groups offering help and advice, but it is very good to see people helping each other and making friends at the same time.

Our next workshop is on the 1st of June 2011 in Leicester, and we would love to see a full house. If you fancy joining us then you would be more than welcome. for details

See you soon


Sam, Chris, Spencer, Me, Dominic and Ang

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